What others say about eSchoolfinder

“The Interface is very user friendly even in this stage. It projects quality and immediately gives off the impression that the site is here to help. It's easy to navigate and the pictures make it easy to assess the schools, among other factors.”



“My concern for a good school heightened when my wife started working. We needed to look for a school with good teaching facilities that could take good care of our child. Our search took us to several schools for some time until we eventually found what we wanted.”



“Aside helping parents to scout for schools that are deemed fit for their wards, eschoolfinder also connects you to top notch professionals who are ready to offer their expertise in the form of tutelage from the well-known courses or subjects down to the subtle ones”



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  • What can I learn as a parent?

    You will learn how to understand your child's child learning styles and therefore will help you collaborate effectively with his or her school. You will also learn what digital ways you can help your child.

  • What can I learn as a school?

    We have experienced professionals who are well versed in digital technology and would teach you how you can run your school online. From school management, LMS, digital marketing and school strategy.

  • What can I learn as a tutor?

    You will learn to understand how to structure your learning materials, access to online digital materials. tools to help you learn online.

Learning Outcomes

  • Online Tools

    You will be equipped with tools and learn how to use to teach students online

  • Free In person follow

    You will have access to experts from eschoolfinder available to answer all your questions

  • Free strategy consultation

    You are entitled to a free 2 hour one-on-one strategy meeting with the team to help you draw a digital strategy for your school or online tutoring career.

A list of things you need

  • Come with an open mind to refine old strategies or learn new ones to succeed online